Online teaching is difficult. We help teachers engage students like never before! Now all students will succeed.

pedagogy://virtual is a teacher support program that connects a teacher to a virtual pedagogy mentor who helps the teacher find ways to boost student engagement in their virtual classroom.

How it works

Once you sign up for yourself or for another teacher at the bottom of the page, we take the teacher through the following 3 steps:

Preliminary call

20 minutes

In the first call, the mentor gets to understand the teacher’s classroom and current challenges, and set expectations for both the lesson the teacher is going to teach for review, and the feedback process.

Virtual review

The mentor reviews a recording of a recent lesson. The mentor takes up to 2 days to prepare tailored feedback using a customized rubric based on the teacher’s setting.

Feedback call

45 minutes

The teacher and mentor review the lesson, challenges, and recommendations on how to keep students more engaged and responsive while targeting curricular goals. The mentor also shares materials for the teacher to take away.

After the feedback call, the teacher may reach out to the mentor for up to 6-months if there is an ongoing need for support and mentorship, and if necessary, the mentor will schedule future calls to help resolve challenges that arise.

The program is currently limited to middle and high school teachers of core academic subjects AND lecturers/professors in undergraduate programs at colleges.

Are you a principal or school leader?

We are open and interested in collaborating with school administrators (principals, vice-principals, academic coordinators, department heads, etc.) to run this program school-wide and support your entire staff in this process.

What teachers are saying

“It was an immensely knowledgeable and intellectual conversation...I was able to learn some extremely insightful inputs to inculcate [in] and enhance my teaching[-]learning process.”

- Shivani G., Public High School Teacher

About your mentor

Your mentor is a current or former educator trained to discover pedagogical opportunities in virtual / remote teaching that are based on cognitive science, what has helped teachers succeed in the past, and other good instructional practice in the virtual setting.

About us

pedagogy://virtual is an initiative led by a stellar team of 2 former educators and 1 counselor. Together, we have spent over 30 years working for teachers, school leaders, and most importantly with and for students by being in the classroom and starting non-profit organizations serving them.

Our advisors consist of former statewide teacher trainers, credential program administrators, instructional coaches, teachers, and leaders from academia.